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In less than a month, your company´s structural engineers will learn EVERYTHING in-depth (a general overview isn`t enough to get good-quality projects) that an engineer needs to know in order to complete projects successfully and efficiently with Tekla Structures.

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This is what we will do during the course 👇

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You have four options to get engineers with Tekla skills



Hire an engineer with awesome Tekla skills.


Cheap Platforms

Learn from free or cheap sources.


Best Tekla User

Let your best engineer to teach the newbies.


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Tekla Academy
#1 online course


Tekla Structures is very powerful and advanced software, with so many options. It can be overwhelming and take some time to learn, but engineers don’t have any spare time, right?

Tekla Academy is perfect for your company if you want your engineers:

This course is meant for your company´s structural engineers who need to start using Tekla Structures efficiently and fast as possible.

This course is for beginner to intermediate level Tekla users

It´s for engineers who...

It´s not for engineers who...

Although we have put together the best Tekla Structures course, still it’s only half of the work. In order to make it stick, it’s a prerequisite that supervisors are ready to free up 3-4 weeks of their engineers time to let them go through this course effectively.

About the course



Modules and lessons

Before you start

01 Tekla Basics
02 Before Modeling
03 Modeling Basics
04 Manual Modeling With Basic Tools
05 Modeling With Components
06 Reinforcement Modeling Manually
07 Reinforcement Modeling With Components
08 Before Drawings
09 Drawings Basics and Creating Them
10 Finalizing Drawings
11 Issuing Project and Revisions
Course wrap-up

What makes this course so effective?





Theory Test








Engineers are thrilled with the course


Dmytro Voliuvach


Structural Engineer
Intercad OÜ



Investment for course access

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Extra User Access




one time fee

You can purchase this option only if you have someone from your company who has an active “Company Access” subscription. You need to use the same (company) email domain.

It’s important to note that if the students only want to study and don’t require real projects for clients, they can use the free Educational or 30-day Trial license of Tekla Structures without purchasing a commercial license.

Money Back Guarantee


If you feel that the course doesn’t suit you, or feel it’s not worth the money, just let us know within 7 days and we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.

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completion certificate & Report

Once the participant has completed the course (answered theory questions and presented practical model), we’ll send them the completion certificate, and you’ll receive the report.

Your guide on the journey


Sten Tuudak

Sten started working as a structural engineer in 2007.

In 2008, Sten had his first Tekla Structures training, and ever since it has been his passion 🥰

After that, from 2014 to 2017 he worked at Tekla HQ, supporting different area offices all over the world.

In 2017 he started company, TSGuide OÜ, which has helped companies with Tekla Structures implementation and trained their engineers. Everything to help them become successful – raise efficiency and project quality.

Tekla Structures is his SUPERPOWER 🦸🏼‍♂️ 


It’s made especially for you! We’ll start from scratch and explain everything as simply as possible.


More than 125 students have started from zero and made it. Now they are doing daily projects with Tekla 🙂

Trimble official hardware recommendations can be found HERE.


As the “learning” projects are not very complex, lower-spec PCs are good enough, but you should think about future projects.

If you choose to do our “learning” projects, you can use the 100% free Tekla student license. You have access to all Tekla features.  Instructions are in the course. 


If you choose to do areal project, then you can contact your local Tekla reseller. Sometimes they can give you a real license for a test period.

If you can spend around 7-8 hours every day, then that 2,700 minutes of theory should take about 7 full days and practice another 3-4 days. Altogether I recommend to reserve 2-3 weeks.


If you decide to do a real project, then it depends on the complexity of your project, but most probably it will take a bit longer at least.

With the company subscription plan you will get one access to the course. It’s ok to share this account between different engineers inside one office. Sharing externally is strictly prohibited.


In this case all the engineers can see the learning videos, but only the first engineer will get to answer the theory questions, get feedback on the practical work, participate in Q&A online sessions, and get a completion certificate.

If you are from Estonia, we will add your local VAT to the price in your cart. But as you know, companies will get it back later.


Other EU countries will get 0% of VAT, and companies from outside the EU will get an invoice without VAT.

Yes! We don`t take any risks. We use the internationally trusted payment provider Stripe (see security info ). We never store your credit card or billing info on our servers.

Once you purchase your course access, we’ll immediately send the invoice to your email.

Later, you can see all your invoices from the menu User Profile and from there Purchase Info.

If you have Tekla Structures related questions then the best way is to ask them under topic related lessons. Each lesson has its Q&A section. 

If you have any other questions then you can write us an email – 


Over many years I’ve gathered the best Tekla Structure knowledge from:

This is my main job that I do daily.

Whenever & wherever

With live classroom training, usually the teacher or students need to travel to a central place and complete the training over what are often arduous days. My experience has shown me that people learn at different speeds, and this means that inevitably, some participants tend to get bored, while others struggle to catch up. We’re all different!


Once you have access to the TSAcademy online course, students can go through the course content whenever & wherever they choose. 


For example, we had one student who had a baby, and he was able to go through the course from home as his baby was sleeping. A complicated situation, but it ended up being no problem.


Also, students can choose their video playing speed, pause, and even rewind and go back whenever needed.

Theory tests

People tend to not retain everything the first time around, but we want to make sure that at least the most important things stick.


That’s why we have theory tests at TSAcademy –  they have several advantages:


Engineers can go through this course by practicing everything with my “learning” projects. One is a concrete apartment building, and the other is a steel hall. I have made them so that students can put everything they learn into practice.


After passing the course I always recommend starting to do real projects as soon as possible – or even better – engineers can skip my “learning” projects and can start their real projects right away. 


This has two major advantages. First of all, there is more motivation as there is more at stake, and they have the time to dive deeper. Secondly, the company will not lose this time, and at the end of the course, there is something ready to charge the client for.


If you are planning to take your real project then just in case I recommend taking something smaller and easier that doesn’t have very tight deadlines. You can always send me the project overview and I can give my opinion with suggestions. Let’s make it as safe as possible.


Apprehensive as to what will happen when questions inevitably arise? Don’t be! These lessons have been made quite simple to understand, and normally there are not many questions, BUT…


The students can always ask questions during lessons, and I answer them as fast as practically possible.


Also, from time to time we have Q&A Zoom group meetings where I answer questions live.


Alternatively, we can do private sessions for an extra charge, or you can contact your local area office or other specialists. In this case, you don’t have to pay for 6-day training; instead, pay only for getting the answers and you usually will get what you need with 1-2h only.

Certificate & Report

After completing the course successfully (by answering the theory questions and presenting practical work / Tekla model), participants will receive a TSAcademy Certificate to confirm their Tekla knowledge. It clearly demonstrates the effort of participants, as this is one of the most comprehensive and most extended Tekla courses in the world!


Supervisors will receive a report of participant progress. E.g. what videos were watched and for how long, theory test results, and feedback on practical work, along with any suggestions I might have to make.

Example of a engineering company with ten engineers.

Say, for example, you have ten engineers in your company who need to learn Tekla Structures. With our “Company Access” package, you can provide one shared access account within your company. 

Engineers can watch the lessons individually, but only the first engineer will have access to theory tests, personal feedback from the instructor, and participation in online Q&A sessions. 

The first student will also receive a completion certificate, and the supervisor will receive a progress report. This package allows you to train all your engineers for just 980€+VAT per year, with periodic content updates for new Tekla versions.

If you prefer personalized attention for each engineer (live Q&A sessions, correction of theory test answers, feedback on practical work, and a comprehensive progress report), you can opt for our “Company Extra Student” package for each additional student. This package has a one-time cost, and each student will receive their own access to the course until the “Company Access” subscription is active and a course completion certificate.